Urban Strangers, Last Part: testo, parole, traduzione italiana

Testo completo, parole e traduzione italiana canzone Urban Strangers, Last Part. Urban Strangers, Last Part Testo e traduzione italiana. Urban Strangers, Last Part: testo e traduzione completa Urban Strangers, Last Part – Testo Canzone, traduzione italiana Urban Strangers, Last Part – Ecco il testo completo della canzone Now the night is covered by lights and fire the sky is frozen and my eyes are far away from your mind my soul now is cold like the ice you, told, me: this is my last time the memory of us I bet it’s too late, so where am I? The soul is vanished, could someone just tell me why? I’ve thought about it I keep my eyes close there’s just another rock on my mind but when will pass, this fuckin’ night? let me keep breathin your life I feel your smell by my side I’m alive?

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Pubblicato il: 18 Aprile 2016

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